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The Mutoh Australia product Knowledge Base contains quick  answers to simple questions.  We encourage you to always read your product's Operation Manual as this is always the best source of information.  We know there will be times when you need to solve a simple problem.  Here you'll find answers to some of the questions we are most often asked, as well as additional information to enhance your experience with Mutoh products.


We are in the process of building and improving this part of the website.  If there is something specific you need to know, please don't hesitate to use the Contact Us page, or reach out to your authorised Mutoh Dealer.

Can I run my Mutoh Printer from a Mac

Yes you can.  Though this is actually down to the RIP software you want to use. Some brands of RIP are PC only, some are Mac only and in fact, there are RIPs available that will work on Linux systems too.  Note also that some of our products have additional software required for the daily operation of the device and these are only PC compatible.  See below for running Windows products under OS X.

If you have a RIP that supports Mac, for example Caldera, then you only need to configure the IP address and follow the RIP's configuration requirements and so on to start printing. As with all RIPs, you should check that version you have fully supports your printer.

Some people have a preference for a particular RIP that is only PC compatible.  Or they may already have pre-existing investment in a particular brand of PC-only RIP.  If that's the case then it’s still possible to set it up on your Mac using an emulation product. Many customers report perfect compatibility running windows under Parallels, VMWare Fusion or Boot Camp. However, we recommend you check compatibility of these emulators with your RIP by contacting the vendor’s support team.  Many RIP vendors will offer you a short-term, fully functional demo for you to try out for yourself.  Failing all that, then a dedicated PC might be what you need.


Which RIP is suitable for my Mutoh Printer?

Mutoh does not supply a RIP simply because we see too many printer vendors that offer their own RIP that only works with a limited set of products.  We understand that you may already have other brands of printer or cutters and already have an investment in a particular RIP.

Quite simply, most mainstream, good quality RIPs support Mutoh Printers and Cutters.

Your Mutoh dealer can work with you to incorporate your new Mutoh Printer or Cutter into your existing workflow.  However, at times, your Mutoh Dealer may recommend a different RIP product - or an upgrade to your existing RIP,  to properly support the features your new Mutoh purchase.  In all cases, please speak with your Mutoh Dealer.

Alternatively, you can check the features of the RIP on the vendor's website or by contacting their support team.  In addition, many RIP vendors offer or limit features according to the level of RIP product you purchase.  This may be a particular version of the RIP or it might be an add-on.  For example, support for additional colours such as white ink and varnish, or features such as contour cutting, ICC colour profile making or super wide print formats may require a different version of the RIP or add-ons to be purchased. Please discuss these with your authorised Mutoh Dealer.