Mutoh DH11 Dye Sublimation Ink

Mutoh DH11 Dye Sublimation Ink

Sublimation transfer bulk ink packs

Mutoh DH11 sublimation ink offers excellent results, a large gamut and high release from your sublimation paper. We continually test the performance of our inks in our labs to ensure you get the best quality output and the reliability you need. Our tests allow us to guarantee batch-to-batch consistency for the life of your printer.


To ensure the best performance from your Mutoh printer, insist on genuine Mutoh inks. Mutoh genuine ink is available from our authorised Dealers who can offer you competitive prices. For futher information about ink specifications Contact Mutoh Australia.

Mutoh DH11 Dye Sublimation ink is specifically formulated and packaged for use in Mutoh printers and is available in bulk ink packs.

Enjoy the protection of our full warranty, including print heads when you use our genuine inks in your Mutoh printer.

Mutoh DH11 inks are suitable for sublimation onto fabrics and rigid materials, including polyesters and lycra, and specifically coated promotional goods like mugs, trophies and photo panels.

Mutoh's Sublimation inks undergo rigorous factory testing to ensure the longest life of your print heads, which is why you have peace of mind with our full warranty.

Mutoh DH11 ink are sold in bulk ink packs:

Mutoh DH11 Ink  
Supported Printer Models VJ-1948WX
Available Colours
Light Cyan
Light Magenta
Light Black
Light Light Black
Ink Configuraiton Options 2 x CMYK
CMYK, Lc, Lm, Lk, LLK
Cleaning solution Available in a 600ml bag
*Eight (8) required for printer set up
Order codes Please see Overview tab, on this page.
NOTES Ink and cleaning bags require use of a set of ink bag adapters, order code VJ1948-INKCASE, available from Mutoh dealers.

Mutoh DH11 Dye Sublimation ink is designed for sublimation printing to sublimation transfer paper. With the proper heat fixation methods, you can produce sports and team wear as well as promotional goods and photo panels.

DH11 ink produces great results for a wide range of sublimation applications:

  • Sportswear and training apparel
  • Photographic panels such as Chromaluxe®
  • Swimwear and triathlon clothing
  • Point-of-sale fabric displays
  • Backlit fabric panels
  • Soft signage
  • Trade show graphics
  • Flags
  • ...and more

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