Sublimation & Textile

Mutoh makes dye sublimation printers and textile printers specifically for use with aqueous inks. Our printers range from a 2.6m (102") wide printer for high speed production machine for volume fabric yardage, sportswear, team clothing, swimwear, school sports and teamwear; through to our 42" (1066mm) sublimation printer, equally suited for sports clothing on a smaller scale but also aimed at promotional sublimation printing.

Depending on the model, you can choose between a four colour, double-CMYK configuration for sheer production speed or one of our printers that supports combinations of CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Spot colours for smooth tones and more vibrant textiles.

Our range of products suitable for Sublimation and Textile printing include:

Aqueous / Sublimation Printers:

  • RJ-900X - 42" four colour printer
  • VJ-1624W - 64" (1625 mm) four colour printer
  • VJ-1638WX - 64" (1625 mm) dual staggered print heads, double-CMYK or up to 8 colours
  • VJ-1938WX - 75" (1910 mm), 4 colour
  • VJ-2638W - 102" (2600 mm), dual staggered print heads, double CMYK

Textile Direct Printers:

  • VJ-1938TX - 75" (1910mm) direct to textile printer with Orange, Green and Blue inks