Welcome to MUTOH Australia

The flying colours of Mutoh technology reflect the imaginative thinking of a company that has earned its reputation with quality, speed and reliability. As the world’s leading manufacturer of piezoelectric, large format printers, Mutoh develops OEM solutions for many of the world’s most famous names reaffirming Mutoh’s standing as a recognised industry leader, delivering innovative products that perform and provide high speed digital graphics at its boldest and brightest.

To maintain a competitive edge in the market, we develop original technology and expertise, design for quality, and establish production systems to ensure a flexible and responsive stance to support customer needs. Mutoh has an extensive range of large format printers producing high-quality, durable digital graphics for indoor and outdoor applications, our sign cutting plotters are fast, powerful and accurate.

The company’s vision for the future is as vast as its impressive history. Rely on Mutoh to deliver innovative products that perform with flying colours and experience high-speed digital graphics at its boldest and brightest.